Working to improve North Dakota's Aviation System

The North Dakota Aeronautics Commission (NDAC)Airport runway is continuing their planning in an effort to enhance the aviation system in North Dakota, through the development of the 2014 North Dakota State Aviation System Plan (NDSASP) Update.  The plan will document aviation needs, guide funding decisions, and identify the future of the aviation system.  The significant federal and state investment that has been made in both commercial and general aviation airports throughout the state must be maintained.  Consequently, an update to the NDASP has been initiated to develop a document that will provide appropriate guidance and recommendations to the NDAC for the management of the aviation system in North Dakota.

Please visit this website regularly to see updates as the study moves forward. Upcoming meetings, draft documents and other project-related content will be posted throughout the project duration. Please use the comment form on this website under the “Contact” tab to provide the project team with comments on the study.


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